Supported Order Types

Order Type Description
Limit An order to buy or sell at a specific price or better.
Stop-Limit An order that combines the features of a stop order and a limit order. The stop price acts as a trigger to enter a limit order into the market.

Supported Time in Force

Expiry Condition Description
Good Til Cancel (GTC) Orders with this expiry setting remain open and active until either executed or explicitly canceled by the client.
Good Til Date (GTD) The submitting client specifies the date at which an order is to be expired if not already executed.
Day Orders with this expiry type that have not been executed will be expired by the system at the end of the ErisX system day on which they were entered.
Fill or Kill (FOK) A “Fill or Kill” is an order that will either fill immediately the whole requested quantity when entering the orderbook, or it will be cancelled in its entirety.
Immediate or Cancel (IOC) An “Immediate or Cancel” order, when submitted, will immediately fill any portion of the order that is executable and cancel any remaining quantity. Similar to a Fill or Kill but an IOC can have partial fills.

Current Market Hours

Type Days Daily Open Daily Close
Central Limit Order Book Sunday - Friday 16:00 CT 16:00 CT
Block Trade Reporting Monday - Friday 8:00 CT 16:00 CT
Type Days Daily Open Daily Close
Central Limit Order Book Sunday - Friday 17:00 CT 16:00 CT

Note: A Trade Date on ErisX includes trades that happen at or after 16:00 CT on one calendar day until 16:00 CT of the next calendar day.