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Physically Settled Futures

ErisX’s physically delivered bitcoin futures contracts are the next step in building out our intermediary-friendly model for digital assets. Traded at and cleared through our CFTC regulated Designated Contract Market (DCM) and Derivatives Clearing Organization (DCO), our futures contracts trade alongside our spot market on an innovative and unified platform bringing price transparency and collateral efficiency.

Description A fully funded physically settled futures contract for Bitcoin
Contract Symbol BTC
Contract Size 0.1 Bitcoin
Price Quotation USD per 1 Bitcoin
Minimum Price Increment $ 1.00 per Bitcoin ($0.10 per contract)
Listed Contracts ErisX will start with monthly and quarterly contracts
Settlement Physical Delivery
Trading Hours Regular Trading Hours as determined by the Exchange from time to time
Daily Closing Time 16:00 (CT)
Last Trading Day/Time Monthly/Quarterly - 10:00 (CT) Last Friday* of the contract month
* Preceding business day if day falls on a non-business day
Position Limit 200,000 Contracts
Large Trader Reporting 50 Contracts
Collateral Withheld Buyer: No. of Contracts * Contract Size * Trade Price
Seller: No. of Contracts * Contract Size