Margin Futures

Financially Settled Contracts

Description A financially-settled futures contract on
Product Bitcoin Ether
Contract Symbol FBT FET
Contract Size 0.1 bitcoin 1 ether
Price Quotation USD per 1 bitcoin USD per 1 ether
Minimum Price Increment $ 1.00 ($0.10 per contract) $ 0.10 ($0.10 per contract)
Listed Contracts
2 serial months and nearest 2 quarterly months
Settlement Rules

Final settlement price is determined pursuant to Rule 906(c) and based upon the applicable Cboe Kaiko Reference Rate. The final settlement price is the applicable Cboe Kaiko Rate published at 10:00 a.m. CT on the Last Trading Day.
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Trading Hours

Sunday through Friday
5:00 p.m. CT (open on previous business day) through 4:00 p.m. CT (close on trade date), unless otherwise determined by the Exchange and published in a Notice to Participants.

Daily Closing Time
4:00 PM CT
Last Trading Day/Time
10:00 a.m. CT Last Friday* of the contract month.
* Preceding business day if day falls on a non-business day
Block Trade Min Size / Price 10 Contracts / $0.01 10 Contracts / $0.01
Position Limit 85,000 120,000
Large Trader Reporting
25 Contracts
25 Contracts
Collateral Withheld Collateral required on a margin-basis. Margin requirements are published daily on the Cboe Digital website at cboedigital.com.
Forks Support for forks in the underlying product will be evaluated in accordance with the Cboe Digital Fork Policy.