API Documentation


Members can utilize the Financial Information eXchange (FIX) 4.4 protocol to interact with ErisX exchange systems. The documents below provide detailed explanation and message structure for our market data, order management and Straight Through Processing services. The following steps are required before using the services in production:

  • Review our FIX Specifications documents
  • When ready to start coding, email us at [email protected] to begin the process
  • Once your development and testing is complete, you will need to pass our quick conformance criteria before your application can be used in production


FIX Specification for Market Data and Order Execution

FIX 4.4 API Spec


FIX STP Specification for guaranteed execution reports

FIX 4.4 API STP Spec

WebSocket API

Our WebSocket API provides access to both real-time market data and order management services via an authenticated connection.Members can create new API keys from the ErisX Member Portal and select the services the key should be permissioned for:

  • Market Data
  • Trading (Auto selects Market Data)
  • Clearing (Read-Only)

WebSocket API Spec

Clearing API

This API allows Clearing Members to interact with their Clearing accounts via an authenticated set of RESTful queries.

  • Request a list of available accounts
  • Obtain detailed balances for each account
  • Receive a set of recent movements for a given account
  • Query an account’s cleared trade history

Clearing API Spec