How do I see my trades & balances?

Balance and trading activity can be viewed by logging into your account HERE.

Where is my money & coin held?

Eris Clearing LLC is the entity in the ErisX “family” responsible for holding both fiat currency and digital currency.

Are my coins valued?

We use a 4:00PM Central time reference price to value a member’s account.

Do I earn interest?

Currently, funds held within Eris Clearing LLC do not pay interest.

Do I get charged for holding my coins with ErisX?

ErisX does not currently charge a fee for balances held in a member’s account.

Digital Assets

What is your coin listing policy?

Please see our listing policy HERE

When will ErisX list XRP?

At this time ErisX is listing BTC, BCH, ETH, and LTC. Any future digital currency listings will be announced publicly.

Isn't the whole world moving to DEX markets?

DEXes (decentralized exchanges) come with trade-offs that may be appropriate in certain use cases. We believe that centralized exchanges play a key role in generating price discovery and liquidity for digital assets and are essential to growing the ecosystem.

What is a fully-funded spot contract?

A fully funded spot contract means that purchasers must have funds in their clearing account sufficiently to cover the cost of the purchase before the purchase may be executed. Conversely, sellers must have sufficient digital currency in their clearing account before a sale transaction may be executed.

Can I short on ErisX?

ErisX spot contracts are fully funded, therefore shorting is not currently possible.


Why a $10,000 minimum?

As an intermediary-friendly exchange we have geared our processes to work with a variety of institutions, many of which will work with retail customers directly. The current requirement for a Direct Member is minimum balance of $10,000. This will allow us to meet the expectations of all of our market participants.

Is the minimum account value defined in cash, coins, or both?


What happens if the market value of my account drops below the $10,000 minimum? (is there a call?)

ErisX recognizes that market values may cause the value of your digital currency holdings to fluctuate. Should your account go below the $10,000 minimum you may be contacted by our operations team and asked to bring the value back to $10,000. Remember, all your purchases and sales of spot digital currency are fully funded in advance on ErisX, so there is no “margin call” from ErisX for you to meet, only the need to maintain the minimum account value.

What banks will work with ErisX?

Eris Clearing LLC (the entity in the ErisX “family” responsible for holding fiat and digital currency) is connected to the US banking system allowing for interaction with any other bank capable of sending and receiving wire transfer. This simplifies the process of transmitting fiat currency to and from ErisX.

Can I give you collateral for the $10,000 or is that all in cash & coin?

At present ErisX only supports funding your account with USD or the Digital Assets that we have listed (BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC).

Are coins held in individual wallets that I can control or are they centrally held so, not my keys not my coins?

Our approach to handling digital currency is similar to our approach to handling fiat currency in that we maintain multiple wallets in the name of Eris Clearing. Eris Clearing in turn maintains detailed records for each member such that in real time we know the available fiat and digital currency balance for each member. As an entity with a track record of regulatory compliance and transparency we are subjected to high standards of review and believe we have implemented a model that enables us to safely and securely hold customer assets without sacrificing efficiency and utility.

How does banking and settlement work?

Fiat currency moves in and out of Eris Clearing LLC through the US banking system. ErisX monitors our bank accounts actively throughout the day and update member accounts once a wire transfer is received and confirmed. ErisX processes withdrawal requests of USD every hour subject to the fiat currency hours noted on our website.


When do you expect to get DCO approval/ launch your futures market?

ErisX became registered with the CFTC as a Derivatives Clearing Organization (DCO) on July 1, 2019, and is on target to launch our futures market in the second half of 2019.

Information Security

Is my information secure with ErisX?

ErisX adheres to industry standards of information security to ensure the safety and integrity of your information. We monitor our operations 24×7 for any attempts at intrusion and have multiple security measures in place to protect customer fiat and digital assets.


How long does it take to sign up?

For a Direct Member, if you have all necessary information for the KYC/AML process ready to go, sign-up can take place in minutes!

What documentation do you need to open an account?

As a Direct Member we will ask you to upload a copy of your identification and provide your tax id number (SSN). A legal entity requires more documentation. If you wish to sign up as an entity please contact our sales team.

Does ErisX have AML and KYC policies?

Yes. ErisX is regulated by FinCen (amongst others) which requires us to enforce AML and KYC standards which can be found HERE.

How do institutions gain access to ErisX?

Please contact our sales team via email at [email protected].

When will you be open to the public?

Click the Sign Up link at the top of the page and fill out our questionnaire to receive an invitation code.


How do I contact ErisX customer support?

ErisX support staff can be reached at +1 888 782 7481 and by selecting the appropriate team.

Contact [email protected] for help with funding or general questions about your clearing account.

Contact [email protected] for help with the ErisX Trading Platform, trade queries or to register a Block trade.

Does ErisX actively participate in Social media?

You can see our latest press releases and blog posts HERE.

ErisX also has social media presence on TwitterLinkedIn and Medium.


What system can I trade on / how do I access the market?

ErisX provides a white labeled version of CQG Desktop at no additional charge. Alternatively, members may connect via our FIX gateways.

When will 24x7 be available?

ErisX is committed to providing a 24×7 market. Shortly after our public launch we will provide additional information regarding our market hours.

How do I register a block trade on ErisX?

Please see information on block trading HERE.

Will ErisX offer leverage?

Eris Clearing LLC is not providing any leverage at this time.

Will ErisX connect to other digital currency market centers?

We do not plan to connect to other market centers at this time.