Want to automatically execute your trading strategies but don’t have coding skills? ErisX has joined forces with Capitalise.ai to let you automate your strategies by describing them in plain English! No coding required. Just type your idea into a text box, back test strategies and Capitalise will automatically enter orders when your conditions are met.


Once logged into the ErisX Member Portal (EMP), Capitalise can be accessed from your mobile or desktop using the newly added Capitalise button at the top right of the screen.

NOTE that there are a few steps to enable Capitalise for the first time:

  1. Click the Capitalise button in EMP
  2. Desktop:
  3. a. Capitalise desktop is available via EMP using single-sign on (SSO).
    b. After clicking the Capitalise button you will be asked to enter your funding password.
    c. When the Capitalise page opens you will be asked to set an additional password. This password allows for a seamless login on mobile to the Capitalise App.
  4. Mobile:
  5. a. Once you have logged in from the desktop and set your mobile password you will be able to use the Capitalise mobile App.
    b. Download the App from either Apple or Google.
    c. Use your newly created password to access the App.
    d. When accessing Capitalise from EMP on mobile you will be redirected to the native App (Chrome is currently the officially supported browser).

Learn more about Capitalise.ai

Learn more about Capitalise and how you can automate your trading strategies using plain English.

Funding & Storage

Make ErisX your trusted on and off ramp between traditional banking and crypto. Instantly fund your crypto trading account compliantly and safely via ACH from your US checking or savings account. No VPN or rules circumvention required!

USD: Members are able to instantly fund their accounts to immediately begin buying crypto.

  • Link a checking or savings account
  • Instantly fund via an ACH* transfer from a linked account
  • Regularly top account up via scheduled ACH

Crypto: Members are able to deposit crypto (BTC, BCH, LTC, ETH, USDC**) to their designated wallet address and begin trading once the required number of blockchain confirmations have been completed.

ErisX combines best practices in encryption, technology, operational process and physical storage to store Members’ crypto. Under state and federal licensing, we are obligated to keep Member funds safe and segregated.

Low Fees & Instant Rebates

  • Liquidity-taking orders are charged industry low fees of as much as 10x less than other exchanges.
  • Passive orders can earn instant credits (i.e. get paid instead of being charged to trade)**.


Learn More about ErisX:

*The funds will be available up to ErisX’s daily funding limit and after ErisX has verified sufficient funds. Please note that ACH deposits, and assets purchased using ACH funds, cannot be withdrawn for 10 days. (This restriction allows us to make deposits instantly available for trading while also managing fraud risks to protect ErisX and our customers.)

**USDC is not yet available for New York state residents.

***Specific fees, terms & conditions apply to IRA accounts. Please contact your IRA provider, and refer to ErisX IRA and Fees pages for more information.